AI , Robotics and Education Association

What is our mission?

With experts from AI, Robotics, Education and Design Thinking, AIRE is committed to combining our expertise from such diverse fields to ferret out the best approaches to redesigning our education systems so that we may produce students who can succeed in the era of robotics and AI.

What is our culture?

We recognize that no single organization can provide everything needed to enable youth to succeed, so AIRE labs will step up as convener and facilitator to maximize communities’ collective resources and impact. As we address quality and advocacy, as a AIRE lab we will be poised for the next era of significant growth, with an aspirational goal of reaching one million youth daily by 2021. Initiatives to achieve this include:

Through the SCSC studio and our AIRE Learning Engineer program, we will collaborate with educators at Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCSF, San Jose State and UCSF to develop a AIRE teacher training program that is customizable for each school.