AI , Robotics and Education Association

What is the AIRE?

AIRE association is dedicated to finding the best approaches to redesigning our education systems to accommodate the coming era of robotics and artificial intelligence. For better or worse, the time of AI and Robotics is upon us. Within the next 10 to 20 years, many jobs will be replaced by robots with Artificial Intelligence, this includes not only labor intensive work such as drivers and factory workers, but also jobs that were thought to be safe from a takeover, like law and technical writing. However, our education systems have remained stagnant over the years, and with little planned change in this same upcoming 10 to 20-year time period we may very well be churning out students who have few job prospects upon their graduation.

Our Institutes

Each AIRE institute has its own mission and serves its own scholars, but all are bound by a common commitment to the AIRE vision of rigorous, student-focused education and the values encapsulated by the globally recognized research educator, Li Jiang's AIRE methodology. It is an assumption of AIRE’s strategic plan that each of the AIRE institutes at the AIRE Center strengthens and are strengthened by AIRE’s affiliation with Stanford University Labs and programs. AIRE prides itself for adopting the AIRE curricula which has provided impactful and powerful student experiences, faculty scholarship, and external visibility of each part of AIRE. In short, by capitalizing on the value that the AIRE framework creates for students, teachers and administrators alike and the We Make Silicon Valley Studios ed technology we should see continued strong student focus, radical innovation and creation of exponential technologies, elevated expertise in machine learning, artificial intelligence, film and video production, education, design thinking, business management, and education technologies. AIRE has exceptional opportunities to build and scale distinctive AIRE labs not found in either a stand-alone secondary school, liberal arts college or a research university with large, highly independent schools. To that end, AIRE’s strategic plan emphasizes AIRE’s unity and Li Jiang's revolutionary framework. AIRE curriculum is structured around a single goal that emerges directly from the mission statement and is traceable back to an original trustee and visionary, Li Jiang.